Marketing and Creative Services offers professional photography and videography services to the GW community. With years of experience covering university life and news, our multimedia team captures the imagery you need to tell your stories and convey your messages.

Our teams prioritize coverage of university news, and then we are proud to share our services with university partners. If we cannot accommodate your request, we can provide freelance recommendations that can be procured at your own cost.

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Please Note

The photos and videos taken by our multimedia team are the property of GW. The Office of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to use any image for its own purposes.

Images used in editorial print must be accompanied by the appropriate credit: photographer name/the George Washington University.

If you choose to hire freelance photographers, we offer a Photo and Video Recording Release Form for your subjects to sign. This form authorizes GW to utilize the video footage or publish the photographs taken in university printed publications, university websites and advertising.


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Work With the Photo Team



Request a Photo Shoot

Our university photographers are here to help you capture images that tell the stories of your department, the essence of our campus, the potential of your research project and more.

Shoot Modifications: Please provide at least 24 hours notice to your photographer if you need to cancel, postpone or move your event to an alternate location.

Schedule a Photo Shoot


University Photo Library

The University Photo Library is a collection of thousands of photos ranging from campus shots to events to classrooms. We are happy to share photos for your marketing needs.

If you need a photo from a specific event, person, or particular subject, we can usually find a variety of high-resolution options for you to choose from.

Find a Specific Photo



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Faculty & Staff Headshots

If you are in need of a headshot, please sign up for an upcoming studio portrait day (contact your communications lead for upcoming dates). Alternatively, you can use the self serve professional headshot booth located on the 5th floor of the University Student Center (appointments are required).


Work With the Video Team

Sometimes the best way to tell your story is through video, whether that be an interview, a powerful statement piece or an overview of a new program. Our video team showcases the moments that make the GW experience unique.

We have dedicated multimedia producers with a range of expertise including:

  • field/studio/commercial shooting
  • editing
  • motion graphics

Our video team is primarily responsible for representing the strategic goals of the university by:

  • first servicing the Office of Communications and Marketing and capturing university news
  • creating promotional marketing videos
  • highlighting university-wide hallmark events

We also offer video services for internal GW departments who are working on projects meeting this core mission.



Request a Video Project

If you are looking to create a video that aligns with these goals, request help from our video team. 

Shoot Modifications: Please provide at least 24 hours notice to your videographer if you need to cancel, postpone or move your event to an alternate location.

Schedule a Video Shoot

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University Video Galleries

Review our dynamic gallery of videos highlighting the GW experience on YouTube and Vimeo.

If you're developing a video for your department and need footage of campus, classrooms, events, etc., we provide B-roll footage for your use. Contact  to learn more.


What to Expect: Project Timeline

The length of time we need to create and finish a video varies greatly from project to project. It is best to ask early if you are looking for us to partner with you on a video. To assist you with actual shooting and editing, we need to ensure that your video aligns with university priorities and that we have the time and resources to fulfill your request. If we can’t support your request, we have a list of recommended freelancers with whom we’ve worked with in the past. We are more than happy to review your final product from a freelancer to ensure it falls within brand guidelines. We also provide opening title screens, lower thirds and logo animations if requested.

For Audio/Visual Support please speak to the manager of your venue.
For filming of training materials, instructional videos or lectures please contact Academic Technologies.