Templates for Download

While we are always happy to help you with your design needs, we understand that there are some projects that are easier to accomplish with self-serve files. To help serve this need, we are excited to offer a library of branded templates for university departments and schools to download. Current templates include:

If you are looking to order business cards, letterhead (print and electronic) and/or envelopes, these items, which adhere to the university's branding guidelines, can be purchased through iBuy. Look for "Dupli" under the Office Supplies and Furniture section of iBuy.



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Email Signatures

Email signature templates are available for use on Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail app, iPhone and iPad Mail app, and the Android Gmail app.

Official email signatures should only be used by GW faculty and staff. Please ensure your email signature reflects the most current template available.


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Zoom and Webex Virtual Backgrounds

There are more than 15 background options to choose from, featuring photos of iconic places on campus as well as simple GW branded options.

Note: Virtual backgrounds may not be available on all versions of Zoom and Webex. If you have questions about using backgrounds on your computer or mobile device, contact the GW IT Support Center.


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Canva Templates

Canva provides a user-friendly interface that allows partners of all experience levels to customize templates for university department or school use.

If you have a recurring project and don't see a template here that suits your needs, please submit a project request. If you would like to learn more about how to use these templates you can watch a recorded training.


Canva logo
Digital Cards
Email Headers
Social Media


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PowerPoint Presentation Templates

All PowerPoint templates are sized for wide-screen (16:9 ratio).

To use the templates, you need MS PowerPoint 7.0 or higher:

  • Download and open the desired powerpoint template linked below.
  • You can choose from two color options by going to View > Slide Master and choosing the preferred slide styles.
  • Customize each slide within the theme by using different built in layout options under the Layout button.
    • Repeat this step until your presentation is complete.
  • Go to File > Save As when ready.
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Memo and Fax Templates

  1. Download and open the:
  2. Type your text where needed.
  3. Go to "File > Save As" and save as you normally would.
  4. Send to print at your local printer.

To use the PDF templates, you will need Acrobat Reader/Pro. You will not be able to save the typed information unless you have Acrobat Pro installed on your device.

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School and College Templates

Looking for ways to rep your GW community? Check out templates provided by our schools and colleges, including:

College of Professional Studies
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Elliott School of International Affairs
GW Law
School of Medicine and Health Sciences